The Happiness is
Giving it

We're dedicated to empowering communities through compassion and service. We provide essential resources, education, and support to those in need, including feeding the hungry, educating underprivileged children, and offering charitable aid With the blessings of Sri Maahan Karokkar Siddhar.


What We Do

what we do

Empowering Generations Trust

At Empowering Generations Trust, we are dedicated to serving children, the elderly, and all individuals in need through various forms of assistance and donations. Unlike traditional homes, we operate as a multifaceted organization aimed at uplifting communities by providing essential support and resources. From educational programs for children to caregiver services for the elderly, our mission is to foster a compassionate society where every individual receives the care and attention they deserve. Join us in making a difference and empowering generations for a brighter tomorrow.

Hunger Relief Initiative

The Feeding Hope Initiative tirelessly combats food insecurity, providing essential nourishment and resources to those in need. Rooted in the belief that no one should go hungry, we work to break the cycle of poverty by empowering individuals and families. With the support of donors, volunteers, and partners, we make a tangible difference, offering nourishment for body and spirit. Together, we transform lives one meal at a time, fostering a world where everyone thrives. Join us in building a brighter future for all.

what we do

Empowerment of Tribal Communities
Preservation of Indian Cultural Heritage
Humanitarian Services
Protection of Animals
Infrastructure Development
Collaboration and Support
Disaster Relief
Compassionate Burials


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